Predictability of monsoonal trough

By | 2021年4月24日

Prof. Enomoto co-authored a paper on the predictability of the intensified monsoonal trough in late August 2016. It as been published in J. Meteor. Soc. Japan. The role of the propagation and subsequent breaking of Rossby waves alon g the monsoonal trough was demonstrated by numerical experiments using the JMA global spectral model (GSM). The perturbations added over the Bering Sea in the entrance region of the Asian jet, found from ensemble sensitivity analysis, act to enforce the monsoonal trough, which were underestimated in JMA’s operational one-month forecast.

Takemura, K, T. Enomoto, and H. Mukougawa, 2021: Predictability of enhanced monsoon trough related to the meandered Asian jet and consequent Rossby wave breaking in late August 2016. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 99(2), 339–356, doi:10.2151/jmsj.2021-016.