Workshop and summer school in Hanoi

By | 2016年9月12日

The Second International Workshop on Extreme Weather in Changing Climate in the Maritime Continent and South-East Asian School on Tropical Atmospheric Science were held at the Hanoi University of Science–Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Vietnam from 23 to 27 August, 2016.

Masahiro Shozaki, Hiroaki Yoshioka, Dr Tokinaga and Dr Enomoto participated the workshop and school. Masahiro and Hiroaki presented a poster, titled “Influence of El Niño on Winter Climate of Japan” and “Ensemble Experiments of the Tropical Cyclone Genesis under Weak Coriolis Force” respectively during the workshop. Dr Tokinaga  discussed “Patterns and influence of tropical ocean warming: Observations and simulations” as the final talk of the workshop. Dr Enomoto gave a talk on “Application of ensemble-based techniques to tropical disturbances” for the workshop and he also gave al ecture on “Introduction to numerical weather prediction” for the school.